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Our commitment is to offer our customers the best solution and the best treatment for their companies’ waste. In addition to the satisfaction of our customers, in every decision and in every action of the people who comprise Distiller S.A. we are driven by the commitment to preserve the environment. From the beginning of industrial waste management to its recovery and valorization, the protection of the planet is our priority objective.


Since the founding of Distiller S.A. in 1974, we have developed extensive experience in the sector of management, treatment and control of industrial waste. In large part, we have achieved this excellence thanks to our team of professionals, always in training to meet the needs of our customers.

As waste managers since 1986, we have the largest production capacity for distillation in the whole of the Iberian Peninsula, both in columns and in cubic metres of storage.

You can find us in Santa Perpètua de Mogoda (Barcelona) and Ólvega (Soria).

and Values

We work to ensure that the material recovery of all the waste we manage results in maximum product quality for our customers. The focus of our philosophy also includes the reduction of the environmental footprint and work under a sustainable circular economy. That is, to reuse raw materials and to take advantage of the energy that each process generates.

Customer Service

We like to be partners with our customers and we like them to trust Distiller S.A. to carry out the best waste management for their companies.The customer’s first contact with Distiller S.A., we offer the best integral solution for their needs and we inform them throughout the process with maximum transparency.

According to our latest internal survey, the speed of response to requests for quotations and the agility in resolving incidents are two of our strengths.


We are trusted by customers in sectors as diverse as the pharmaceutical, automotive, paints, varnishes, dyes and adhesives industries, among other sectors. Their loyalty is our greatest reward.

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