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Internal Information System

Welcome to the Internal Information System of MEDIO AMBIENTE & QUÍMICA SOSTENIBLE, S.L., DISTILLER, S.A.U. and QUIMIMONT, S.L.U. (hereinafter, the “Group”) whose purpose is to prevent, discover and sanction Infringements committed by members of the Group or by third parties with whom the Group is related or professionally linked. The “Infringements” that must be reported through the Internal Information System are the following:
  • Non-compliance with internal regulations (Code of Conduct and Policies included in the Crime Prevention Model).
  • Criminal offenses (crimes established in the penal code).
  • Serious or very serious administrative infractions, especially those that imply economic loss for the Public Treasury and Social Security.
  • Any violation of the law.
In this sense, it is the duty and responsibility of all “Obligated Persons” to promptly report if they have knowledge or believe in good faith that an Infraction has been committed, is being committed or may be committed or may have been committed. They are “Obligated Persons”:
  • Employees.
  • Partners, shareholders, participants or people belonging to the Administrative Body.
  • Professionals and collaborators, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers (including those who work for or under their supervision and direction).
  • Trainee staff.

In this sense, any Obligated Person who intentionally fails to report or discourages another Obligated Person from complying with his obligation to report, or harasses, penalizes or retaliates against another Obligated Person for complying with his obligation to report, may be subject to disciplinary measures.

The system has been designed in such a way as to guarantee (i) confidential treatment of the procedure; (ii) whistleblower protection; and (iii) the prohibition of retaliation when the information is provided in good faith.

You can find the regulation of the Internal Information System by clicking here.