Quality and

At Distiller S.A. we have maintained rigorous quality, safety and environmental protection systems in continuous improvement since the beginning. This is the only way to achieve excellence.

Protection of the environment

We are committed to the environment and care for the planet, and we are involved in the new circular economy. We also resort to recycling and reuse for the recovery of waste into new resources.

Quality assurance

Distiller S.A.’s two plants in Santa Perpètua de Mogoda (Barcelona) and Ólvega (Soria) have analysis and control laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation. In this way, all the waste received at each of the plants, as well as the waste produced itself, is sampled and analyzed to be treated and managed in complete safety.

All finished products are tested by means of stringent physical and chemical tests that meet all market and customer requirements. In this way we can guarantee our clients the maximum control and transparency in the treatment and management of waste, with compliance with current European laws on toxic and dangerous waste.


Santa Perpètua’s manager codes: E-04.86 of the ARC
Ólvega manager codes: GR CL 01/11 and GRNP CL 24/11
Santa Perpètua’s treatment codes: R02, R03, D09, R13 and D15
Ólvega’s treatment codes: MIMA 420000120/ to R2, R3, 39, R13, D13 and D15
Carrier Authorization for waste: T-1897

Know our Integrated Quality and Environment Management System Policy.

Distiller also has CAE authorisation
for the production and sale of Hydrocarbons and Alcohol.