Our wide range of services offers integral solutions for each operation.


Contract manufacturing

Based on the production specifications of our customers, we recover solvents that have been used with the agreed quality so that they can be used them again in their facilities. After completion of the treatment, the distilled material is returned to the customer.


From various recovered solvents, we formulate the chemical composition that best suits the customer’s needs. Among them, we can work with ethanol due to our CAE authorization.


Waste Transport and Logistics

We manage the transport of waste to our plants, as well as the delivery of the recovered solvent. We also manage the processing the forms with the corresponding public administration, to facilitate procedures for our clients.

Collection and transfer center

In order to offer complete service to our customers, we collect all types of waste in small quantities that we classify and group in our transfer center to be sent to other plants that have the appropriate treatment. In this way, we facilitate the treatment of our customers’ waste in small quantities and transport costs are optimized.



With techniques such as distillation, rectification, evaporation and a large team of experts in the field, we work on the recovery of waste and energy.